Hiring a concrete pump is ideal for a wide range of projects that have restricted space or access as the pump can direct exactly where the concrete is to be sent.

Our concrete pumps can be hired by the hour and come with a fully trained operator.

Concrete and screed are mixed on site and used immediately on your project without having to wait around for a delivery. Serving the commercial and residential industry, contractors and DIY enthusiasts prefer to have the concrete mixed on their site as it allows for more flexibility, transparency and management of project budgets.

Our concrete pumps can pump 150m horizontally, 50 meters vertically and the pipe can easily fit through confined spaces, so it is suitable for any size of project.

Pumping the concrete is cleaner, quicker and a more efficient way of getting the concrete to where it needs to be rather than the laborious wheel barrow and labour concept which is labour intensive.

We have a wide range of line and boom concrete pumps for hire so you only need to deal with one company for all of your concrete pour requirements.

Boom pumps are better suited to sites where fixed obstacles are present. The hydraulic boom can manoeuvre itself over walls or even buildings to get the concrete to its site. Our concrete boom pumps range between 20m to 52m and come with highly trained certified operators.

At GKConcrete our prices are competitive for concrete pump hire complete with concrete and screed mixed on site and a fully trained operator.

We operate Monday to Friday 7am until 5pm and on a Saturday 7am until 1pm.If you require any help outside of these areas just call and speak to our team.

So, for any sized project, give GKConcrete a call today to discuss your requirements on any of the numbers at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.

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